UK Gun Laws – Where You Can Shoot


In the UK as we all know gun can’t be used everywhere, so there are some pretty much Laws series. I will be focusing on where you can shoot such a rule of thumb.

So first thing first there are major two very important things and a pretty much general rule

  • Is that it has to be on private
  • And you have to have permission to shoot there so shotguns airsoft and air rifles under the six and twelve-foot pounds for rifles and pistols.

Private property:

These are the major things before other laws you can shoot on any private property with the permission of the landowner as long as the pellet does not exceed the boundaries of that property. This means that technically within a built-up area you could go outside in your garden with a shotgun and fire off a couple of shots apparently your neighbors are not going to be happy and most likely phone the police. Now the police aren’t going to be happy your firearms officer aren’t going to be happy, and they’re going to view it as the reason for doing it. They were going to view it as being irresponsible with your shotgun and most likely take away your gun license. And any other guns or licenses you have so it’s not advised to kind of push this rule and get your shotgun out into your back garden if your back gardens big. If you’ve got a forest in your back garden if it’s a huge plot of land, and you have a few neighbors, but we know it’s not going to cause too much disruption. Then you can do that as long as you feel you’re not going to get in trouble or you’re not going to annoy someone, and the police aren’t going to end up coming. Round then it’s your kind of own judgment on that now air rifles and air pistols under the six and twelve-foot pounds you can shoot in your back garden even if people don’t like it they may phone the police. But you’re quite entitled to as long as you’re safe as long as the pellets aren’t going into your neighbor’s garden then you can shoot it in your back garden it’s fine, and this is the same also for airsoft so any BB guns you can use on private property.

That’s going to be no problem now with firearms does anything that requires a firearm certificate there are two levels of certificates:

  • you have what you call a closed certificate
  • or an open certificate with an open FAC or an open ticket you’re allowed to
    shoot with the same freedoms as a shotgun or air by the thought you can shoot on private property with permission of the landowner.

As long as no missiles or projectiles exceed the boundaries of the property and Trust is given to you to be able to judge. Where it’s safe and where you should or should not be shooting so
again it’s all up to you it’s up to you as with a shotgun to the side where it is or isn’t safe but you have to have an open FAC to be able to do this with a closed FAC or a closed ticket. You’re only allowed to shoot on approved private property, so this would be your local club or your local range because they have approved areas, or it’s any improved land so if yourself you have a big property. You have a lot of lands you obviously give yourself permission to shoot, but that area of land needs to be approved. For the calibers, you want to shoot so even if you have a farmer that’s given you permission to be able to shoot on his property you need a firearms officer to approve that land.

Now this is another process it’s another form to fill in, and you need to file it, and you need to say where the land is you need to say that you’ve got permission and normally you have to provide proof. So either the firearms officer will want to go and speak with the landowner.

Or you will need to provide some written Documentation giving you permission and then the firearms officer will go to that piece of land and approve it now he’s not going to necessarily approve it. For all calibers you might look at your license and go well you’re approved to have a two and a three away he said I’m going to approve this ground for four to two but not for 308 so it’s up to the firearms officer to go and check whether the ground is safe to shoot the calibers. That you’re asking to shoot so once the ground has been approved and you obviously have permission then you can go and shoot to your heart’s content usually if it’s your first time applying for a FAC you will be given a closed ticket it’s very rare to be instantly given an open ticket because apparently, you need to have experience you need to be able to judge if it’s safe now. There are no strict rules on when a firearms officer will open up your FAC it’s mainly down to the experience you have and how much your firearms officer trusts you. What I would advise what I’ve done myself is if you’re going to get permission from somewhere or someone I would take a map of that area and get that person to map out the bounds of their property then you’ll know where you can shoot. and where not to shoot so I hope this has cleared up any questions you may have had and hoped it’s helped understand where we can shoot in the UK. But according to UK law you don’t need to have certificates for buying the accessories like rifle scopes you can buy from any website like