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How To Use Instagram To Market Your Business

If you want to learn, how to get more customers for your business using Instagram. Then, my friends, you are in the right place. Today I’m going to be talking to you about how to use Instagram throw your business.


If you don’t know anything about this get excited because this is one of the things that I used the most when it comes to Instagram to help grow my following. It helps to grow my brand, help spread the word and ultimately help get me more customers. So let’s start off by getting very clear on what the explore page is, over those of you who don’t know I’m enjoying there is an entire section called the ”Explore page”. Basically what it is is Instagram curating and then you hire Newsfeed specifically based on the types of things that you’ve been interacting with the types of things even liking and commenting on using Instagram.

Now, this course means that every person’s explore page 200 is difference your explore page is different from my explore page of my explore page is different from Britney Spears’s explore page. Everyone’s Explorer Pages different because every page is tailored to the person using that account and that is just amazing you’re probably thinking. What am I supposed to do with that knowledge can use the explore page as a marketing tool.

Can you imagine if Instagram instead of showing you more of the type of content that you are mine was just showing you more of your ideal customers would not be at Big? Because then you would have an entire list of photos from people who are in your target market for you could interact with and gauge with and hopefully, spark some curiosity with so that they can come and see what your all about and see what you’re up to and see the incredible things. That they need to know more about but how do you do that. Okay so here’s what you’re going to do you are going to create a list of 10 hashtags at least 10 okay the more, the merrier.

What you’re going to do it on a regular, we’re going to go through these hashtags you’re going to like and comment and interact with these pictures and accounts. Basically what you’re going to be doing is teaching Instagram to show you content from your ideal customer, but I do customers to the types of hashtags that you’re going to be thinking of are the kinds of the hashtag that your ideal customers are going to be using.

So I’m going to be using hashtags like a girl boss small business owner. I love being My Own Boss things of that nature so now you want to be thinking of the types of hashtags that your ideal customers using the more specific, the better. I’m not talking about like thank God it’s Friday even though my target market is probably going to be using that so like a million other people. Who are not part of my talking about it so I’m not going to be using that hashtag you want to use hashtags that are specific to your new customer’s hashtags that your ideal customers are the large majority of the people who are actually using that hashtag.

Further, I will be talking about in the next post. But till you can do a solution that you can contact with the companies like seo scholor and ask them to buy real Instagram followers.

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